Australian Champions

The National trophy was presented by Graham and Kevin Johnston to the Australian A Division Catamaran association in 1967. The winners of this event have been:

1965/66 Sorrento (Vic) J. Smallman
1966/67 Blairgowrie (Vic) G. Johnston
1967/68 Wangi Wangi (NSW) J. Goodier
1968/69 Darwin (NT) A. Wright
1969/70 Sorrento (Vic) T. Glanville
1970/71 Botany Bay (NSW) B. Leverton
1971/72 Canberra (ACT) B. Leverton
1972/73 Belmont (NSW) H. Stevenson
1973/74 L.Cootharaba(Qld) P. White
1974/75 Glenelg (S.A) B. Thomas
1975/76 Albury (NSW) H. Stevenson
1976/77 Kurnell (NSW) B. Thomas
1977/78 L.Cootharaba(Qld) K. Austin
1978/79 Blairgowrie (Vic) H. Stevenson
1979/80 Forster (NSW) B. Hooper
1980/81 Kurnell (NSW) K. Holmes
1981/82 L.Cootharaba(Qld) G. Goodall
1982/83 Waranga (Vic) B. Hooper
                 (equal) G. Goodall
1983/84 Speers Point(NSW) B. Hooper
1984/85 Yeppoon (Qld) S. Anderson
1985/86 Long Jetty (NSW) B. Hooper
1986/87 Blairgowrie (VIC) J. Foreman
1987/88 L.Cootharaba(Qld) P. Backhouse
1988/89 Belmont (NSW) S. Anderson
1989/90 McCrae (Vic) D. Renouf
1990/91 L.Cootharaba(Qld) P. McKenzie
1991/92 Paynesville (Vic) G. Harbour
1992/93 Wangi Wangi (NSW) P. McKenzie
1993/94 L.Cootharaba(Qld) G. Weidrich
(Open event – first Australian) R.Thomas
1994/95 Geelong(Vic) H. Sinclair
1995/96 Kingston SE (S.A) H. Sinclair
1996/97 Tanilba Bay (NSW) P.McKenzie
1997/98 L. Cootharaba(Qld) C. Owen
1998/99 McCrae (Vic) G. Ashby
99/2000 Kurnell (NSW) L. Hein
2000/01 Hervey Bay (Qld) B. Collett
2001/02 Adelaide (SA) S. Brewin
2002/03 Geelong (Vic) G. Ashby
2003/04 Port Stephens (NSW) G. Ashby
2004/05 Hervey Bay (Qld) G. Ashby
2005/06 Blairgowrie (Vic) G. Ashby
2006/07 Belmont (NSW) G. Ashby
2007/08 Hervey Bay (Qld) S. Brewin
2008/09 Belmont (NSW) G. Ashby
2009/10 Safety Beach (Vic) S.Brewin
2010/11 Lake Cootharaba (Qld) G.Ashby
2011/12 Wangi Wangi (NSW) G.Ashby
2012/13 Darwin (NT) J. Benson
2013/14 St. Leonards (Vic) G.Ashby
2014/15 Lake Cootharaba (Qld) G. Parker
2015/16    Sunshine (NSW) S. Brewin
2016/17 Mc Crae (Vic)  S. Brewin