2017 HARKEN QLD State championships report

The HARKEN QLD State champs have been run and won after a short delay due to cyclone Debbie.

As a Queenslander it’s hard to accept that we were thoroughly beaten by a New South Welshman, but Steve Brewin was in a class of his own with a new shorter rig that was working to perfection, fully foiling upwind in a range of wind and lumpy sea conditions.

Friday afternoons two scheduled races were held in close to the limit wind/sea conditions (seas to 1.5m was the major concern, not so much the wind speed of 16-18 gusting to 20Knts) that saw 2/3 of the fleet choose to sit it out, as 2 drops were allowed for the regatta (to encourage those that could not make it on Friday to attend for the rest of the weekend). Apart from a few capsizes, most proved the conditions were OK to sail.

Saturday we had three races in moderate wind and sea conditions although some carnage ensued and Luke spent some time recuperating from a capsize that took Mark Johnston out (who was later awarded redress) as well.

Sundays conditions were lighter and flatter, which suited the foilers and with a long drive home Steve and Mark didn’t sail the last race, with their positions secured.

Congratulations to Landy and Mark who fought it out for second place. Landys shorter rig he experimented with at the nationals now looks positively long compared to Stevie’s !

In the classic or non foiling division the battle was on for the presidents cup. Easily won by Brad Collett returning to the ‘water’ in his dads borrowed DNA, he proved again what a great sailor he is in any platform – even if he reckons it’s a lot harder work than his foiler.

Full results are below and a fantastic aerial video is on the HYC web site at this link:


For those that don’t already know I am standing down and handing the batten over to Clare Neeskens, as next year’s 2018 States will be held at HBSC (dates to be determined) as a great opportunity to test the waters before the world titles in November.

Thanks to David and the crew at HYC for a really professional and relaxed team of race managers & supporters. This always makes a regatta much more enjoyable.

Also a big thanks to HARKEN for their ongoing generosity and support for the A-Class fleets around Australia.

Best Regards

Andrew Chaney


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