2015/16 Victorian A Class Travelers series

The 2015/16 Victorian A Class Travelers series is on!

Enjoy traveling and socializing as well as enjoy sailing at four of the top A Class venues in Victoria, then get your rig down to this event.

  1. Bendigo Ice Breaker Regatta September 19th & 20th. More info http://www.bendigo.yachting.org.au/ 
  2. Victorian Catamaran Championships, McCrae Y.C: November 28th & 29th. More info: http://www.mccraeyc.com.au/ 
  3. Elwood SC Lightning Regatta Feb 27th/28th. More info: http://www.elwoodsc.com/ 
Updates and results will be posted during the season.
For more information call Vic State Rep Steve Wright for details (0418392114)

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