2014 A-Class QLD State Championships

Humpybong Yacht Club (HYC) hosted this year’s A-Class QLD State Championships in conjunction with Yachting Queensland (YQ) SAIL BRISBANE Regatta over Easter 2014.
Beautiful sunshine but light weather was typical of all three days and for those that could get their rigs working in 4-6 knots did well.
Matthew Johnson and the HYC race management team did a magnificent job by getting 6 races (out of a planned 8)in over the three days.

Friday RACE 1 & 2 (5-8 Knts NE)
As expected Adam Beattie and Matt Homan fought out the first race with Matt just crossing ahead of Adam but Adam suffered a broken boom in race 2 and allowed Andrew Chaney and Peter Bradbury to fight out the minor placings.
It turned out these two racers were going to have the strongest winds of the entire weekend and those that could fly a hull downwind did better than two hulls down in marginal conditions.
The traditional Friday night prawns and pizza was held under the clubhouse and whilst Lou might be light his appetite was as heavy as ever !

Saturday RACE 3 & 4 (4-6 Knts NE)
After a long wait on the beach the PRO started us about 3.00pm in a light but steady NE sea breeze. These conditions suited Bruce (the Flea) Woodward in his first major A-Class regatta and none of us could touch his speed and depth downwind or upwind (being 61 kg wringing wet may also help) and he scored three P1 results over next three racers.
The PRO managed to get us started late in the day for Race 4 but had to shorten the race at the last top mark so we sailed home as the sun set. Have a look at some stunning photos on the HYC web site (http://hyc.net.au/sail-brisbane/media/) !

Sunday RACE 5 & 6 (4-6 Knts NE)
As there was no racing scheduled after 1330 none of us expected to have any racing on Sunday as the sea breeze wasn’t developing until well after 1300. Lucky for us we did manage to get two more racers in with the last race wind building so there was some flying hulls downwind.
Adam showed his class in the last race to win but Matt managed another 2nd place to keep up his consistency and take the title in his first ever A-Class regatta. Bruce managed to hang onto second overall and Adam finished in third place.

In the ‘master’ classes the GGM went to Lou Zylstra who was also presented a certificate from the A-Class Association to recognise his +70 years and long time in the A-Class fleet. Unfortunately this did say that due to his age we should give him a little more room on the course and I did hear reports that a strange call of “Buoy room for us oldies” was heard on one rounding ! GM was awarded to Peter Bradbury and Master was won by Andrew Chaney.
The trophy for ‘most improved’ to encourage participation was also won by Bruce Woodward in what may be his ‘perfect’ regatta.

In the annual travellers series that concluded at these State Championships, first place went to Andrew Chaney followed closely by Peter Bradbury and Paul Neeskens. Whilst it’s difficult to get sailors to travel much these days the overall feeling was to keep this concept going, at least in SE QLD and Northern NSW, to give members that don’t normally mix it with the top sailors a chance to sail and learn. There was support for example to go up to Warwick next season as we have one new member there. We also talked about far north Queensland starting up a new ‘zone’ which Adam Beattie volunteered to help promote as they have some existing boats at Lake Tinaroo and Townsville and some new boats due into Cairns over the next 12 months.

Once again congratulations to Matt Homan in his first ever A-Class regatta. He assures us all he will be in his own boat by the nationals at Lake Cootharaba so watch out for this talented new A-Class member.

TO VIEW RESULTS VISIT      http://hyc.net.au/sail-brisbane/results/

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