The 2014 World A Class Championships – Day 3

Day 3 – 2014 A Class Catamaran World Championships. Carnage, Cartwheels and Chaos!

Wind strength today for both races today was between 18 – 20 knots. The upper limit for A Class racing is 22 knots so it was a day of carnage, cartwheels and chaos! On the Team NZ front: Glenn Ashby (Aus) dominated the racing today with a first and a second, Peter Burling (NZ) won the first race but then broke his centerboard during the second race going down wind. Nathan Outteridge (Aus) broke a push-down rod for his rudder before the start of the second race. The drama award for the day however was Alexis Reeves (NZ) who went out with one boat and came back with two after breaking his main-beam and the hulls split apart! Other sailors who provided drama included: Skip Kaub (USA) who finished with his mast over the top of the committee boat at the pin end without crossing the line, Steve Brayshaw (Aus) who cartwheeled in both races and Mariano Martinez (ESP) who was rescued as his boat was sinking, amongst others who were also towed in! Results race 5: First – Peter Burling (NZ), second -(Glenn Ashby (Aus) and third -Blair Tuke
(NZ). Race 6: First -Glenn Ashby (Aus), second – Blair Tuke (NZ) and third – Ray Davies (NZ).
Thanks to all the volunteers especially for today!

Heather Forbes

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