Ashby Leads 2014 Australian Nationals

Glenn Ashby leads Australian International A Class Catamaran National

After an hiatus of two years due his Team New Zealand America’s Cup
commitments, Glenn Ashby has returned to sail in A Class Catamarans. After
six races, he leads the Australian National Championship, by one point, from
Steve Brewin, his perennial sparing partner.
Sailing conditions have been in the light to moderate spectrum on the flat
waters of Port Phillip Bay, Victoria, as guests of the St Leonards Yacht and
Motor Club.

The 39 boat fleet features many talented sailors, including some very
athletic and fit lads still to complete their third decade, through to those
around 70 years of age , those peak physical endurance was perhaps a little
while ago. Ashby and Brewin blend comparative youth, with plenty of hard
fought years of experience.

Ashby has 10 Australian and 7 World A Cat Titles to his credit. Brewin has
won 2 World A Cat Titles, and is the current European Champion.
The racing has been very close, and as is the way in this very high
performance boat, fast and furious.After 6 races and one drop, Ashby leads on 7 points, from Brewin on 8
points. There is a bit of a gap back to Jack Benson on 19 points in third
overall, Stephen Brayshaw forth on 21, then Adam Beatie 27, and Dave Brewer
sixth on 29 points.

No particular boat, mast, or sail has dominated. Indeed, Chris Cairns
sailing an older “Tool ” design with straight centreboards, and no winglets
on his rudder has been putting in some excellent performances in the winds
of up the 10 knots that have prevailed during this regatta. The performances
have been an accurate reflection of the sailor’s respective skills.
Whilst Glenn Ashby dominated on day 1, it was Steve Brewin’s turn on day 2,
notching up two wins and a 3rd.

Race 4 started in 6 knots of wind , and finished in 10 knots. Glenn Ashby
led for most of the race to win from Chris Cairns , and Brewin third.
By Race 5, Brewin had found top gear . With the wind now settled at a lovely
10 knots, Brewin went on to win from Brayshaw ,with Ashby third.
Race 5 was sailed in a consistent 10 knots,which enabled some high speed
downwind trapeze assisted sailing. Brayshaw led from Brewin and Ashby at the
first gate. Brewin soon moved through to first, and Ashby latter made his
way into second by the time of the finish line.

Tomorrow, coincidently being New Year’s Day, will be a lay day. Three more
races will be held over the following two days, with stronger winds behind
Bob Griffits.

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