Six of the proposed nine races have now been completed, and the signs are good that we will be able to have a complete series, which would mean two throw out races.
Day three was a day of changing fortunes for many, as the lighter winds (5 to 8 knots) blew no good for some, but gave the light air experts a chance.
However the top end of the scoreboard remains unaltered. Steve Brewin remains numero uno, Landy is second, Mischa Heemskerk is third, and Poland’s Jacek Noetzel. These four have shown the ability to master sailing in the range of condition’s, and barring some type of major change in fortune, are likely to achieve a podium finish.
Although the winds were lightish, the blue sunny skies, and at least reasonably consistent winds, made for pleasant sailing on the Mediterranean.
In race 5, Brewin was first over the finishing line, but unfortnately he had been one of the first over the starting line, and he had incurred the wrath of the black flag. Manuel Calavia won that race, from Switzerland’s Sandro Caviezel, with third. Most of the race was sailed in 8 knots of wind, which allowed for trapezing most of the time, and a reasonably quick transit of the racetrack.
The wind lightened off a bit for the race 6. The sea still remained a little bit lumpy. There were some big wind shifts as well as holes, so it was far from a boat speed contest. We had a new race winner, Helmut Stumhofer, from Germany, from fellow countryman, Bob Baier, whom generally excels in the lighter conditions. Third place went to Landy.
Steve Brewin, and Landy have been very consistent across the conditions, and it is likely to be a 1,2, finish for them, with the 3rd place on the podium still up for grabs.
On the fourth day we rested. I can report that the weather was absolutely for sight seeing.
Day 5 has dawned with the usual cloud cover, which should burn away later in the morning. Temps are destined for the high 20’s, and a weak thermal breeze around 10 knots is forecast. No doubt there will be further black flag starts, and the best sailors will win.

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