The first two races were successfully completed yesterday, in the waters off Barcelona, Spain.
Racing commenced under grey skies, which later cleared to a beautiful sunny day, with wind settling in at about 12 to 15 knots. A current from the north, which combined to kick up a rather lumpy seaway, opposed the wind from the south and the wind chill factor superimposed on a coolish air temperature meant that my competitors feel quite cold, especially once wet.
Racing started (finally) after the fourth attempt, with the black flag first making its appearance at the third attempt. The blackboard on the race committee boat was full of sail numbers of those whom had been “excused from racing” for that race.
Upwind, the main skill required was the ability to keep the boat moving against the onslaught of the choppy wavefronts. Downwind, conditions were great, and allowed for constant high-speed displacement sailing, and for some, quite long bursts of out of the water foiling.
Steve Brewin, a two time A Class World Champion, won the first race from fellow Australian countryman Stephen Brayshaw, with Mischa Heemskerk of the Netherlands in third place.
Sailing conditions were essential the same for the second race of the day. Heemskerk, whose performance was characterized by outstanding downwind “out of the water” foiling sustained bursts, won this race. Brewin was second, with the defending European Champion, Andrew Landenberger finishing third.
After the two races, scoreboard read:
1. Steve Brewin 1, 2 (3points, Nikita).
2. Mischa Heemskerk, 3, 1, (4 points, DNA).
3. Andrew Landenberger, 4, 3, (7 points, Shueurer).
4. Stephen Brayshaw, 2, 6, (8 points, DNA).

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