Zhik Winter Regatta 


8th & 9th of June 2013




The Wangi Club will host its annual Winter Regatta on the Saturday & Sunday of the June Long Weekend, proudly sponsored once again by Zhik. 








Seven races will be held over the 2 days for the following invited classes:


 OKs   Moths  Contenders 


 29ers   Tasars  A Class Cats




Entries will be taken at the club on Saturday 8th of June between 10am & 11am followed by a competitors briefing at 11am with racing starting at 12 noon.




Zhik Winter Regatta 2013


Saturday 8th to Sunday 9th June, 2013


The Organizing Authority is: 

Wangi RSL Amateur Sailing Club, Inc.,



1.0  RULES 

a The event will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing, 2013-2016 (RRS), the prescriptions and Special Regulations of the YA and  Class Rules, except as any of these are altered by this Notice of Race or by the Sailing Instructions. Yachting Australia Special Regulations Part 2 will apply.

b Advertising will be in accordance with ISAF regulation 20.

c Penalties, as described in RRS 44 will apply, except the Two-Turns Penalty is replaced with One-Turn Penalty which amends RRS 44.2.



a All competitors shall comply with ISAF Eligibility Code, RRS Regulation 21, and must be financial members of their respective class associations

b Eligible Classes are:

OKs, Contender, Moth, Tasar, A Class Cat & 29ers

c Entries must be lodged on the official entry form accompanied by the required fee. Entry forms may be obtained and lodged during registration time at WASC between 10am and 11am on Sat 8/6/2013

d Competitors are required to ensure that sail numbers displayed on their mainsails match that shown on the entry form. 


3.0  FEES 

 The entry fee is AUD$50 per boat for all competitors. 


A total of 7 races are planned over the 2 day period with a maximum of 4 races per day. Races will be held each day in a back to back format where possible. 

Saturday 8/6/13  Registration 10am – 11am 

Briefing   11am 

Racing from  12 noon  

Sunday 9/6/13  Racing from  11am



 Sailing Instructions will be available at registration. 



The racing area will be on Lake Macquarie in the vicinity of Wangi Wangi. 



The courses shall be designated in the Sailing Instructions and at the Regatta Briefing. 



The Low Point scoring system (RRS Appendix A) will apply. 7 races in total are scheduled for the regatta and a minimum of 2 races are required to be completed to constitute a series. Competitors will not be allowed to discard any results as all scores will count.


9.0  PRIZES 

Prizes shall be awarded to:

1st, overall on Scratch in each Class (with 5 or more entries).

Further prizes may be awarded at the discretion of the organising authority.



It is the competitor’s decision to enter the Event or to start and continue in any race. Attention is drawn to Fundamental Rule 4. Competitors shall accept that their participation on the Event is at their exclusive risk in every respect.

The Organising Authority and the host sailing clubs, their officers, members, servants and agents accept no responsibly in respect of loss of life, personal injury or loss or damage to property which may be sustained by reason of their participation or intended participation in the Event or howsoever arising in connection with the Event. 



All competing boats shall have third party insurance cover of not less than AUS$1,000,000 (recommended AUS$5,000,000) or equivalent thereof in any other currency. A copy of such current insurance policy may be required to be provided to the organising authority. 



For further information please contact the organizing committee of Wangi SC:

Tony Outteridge  49752585

Sandra O’Donnell 0418488554

Zhik Winter Regatta 2013



Class of Boat ________________________________________


Boat Name  _________________________________________


Sail Number ___________   Spinnaker Colour_______________ 




First Name  ________________Surname _________________


Address  _________________________________________


Phone No  _____________(H)  _______________(M)


Date of Birth _____________  Male / Female _______________


Sailing Club _________________________ YA No ________




First Name  ________________Surname _________________


Date of Birth _____________  Male / Female _______________


Sailing Club _________________________ YA No ________



“I agree to be bound by the Racing Rules of Sailing 2013-2016, the Notice of Race, Sailing Instructions and the Class Rules. I understand that the Organising Authority, the host club and any committees, and sponsors accept no responsibility for loss of life or injury to members or others, or damage to any vessel or equipment.  I declare that I have the required level of 3rd party insurance cover as required in the Notice of Race and am a financial member of the my Class Association.



_______________________    ____________________________

Skipper Signature      Crew Signature



___________________    _______________________

Parent if under 18yrs     Parent if under 18yrs


Fee $50 payable to:    Wangi Amateur Sailing Club


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