Queensland Traveller Series – Humpybong Bash

Humpybash – HYC 15/16th   Sept 2012
12 Boats HIGH
Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Total Place POINTS
AUS 308 Andrew Landenberger 13 1 1 1 16 1 12
AUS 919 Lou Zylstra 3 3 4 3 13 2 11
AUS 934 Peter Bradbury 6 4 2 2 14 3 10
AUS952 Andrew Chaney 5 7 3 7 22 4 9
AUS Luke McDonald 1 2 13 8 24 5 8
AUS 912 Alex Duff 8 6 6 9 29 6 7
AUS Russ McDonald 7 5 6 13 31 7 6
AUS 971 Leon Mc Neill 2 13 13 4 32 8 5
AUS 956 Vic Collett 4 13 5 13 35 9 4
AUS 755 Geoff Harman 9 8 8 10 35 10 3
AUS 913 Brian Hooper 13 13 13 5 44 11 2
AUS 857 Dave Merrett 13 13 13 6 45 12 1
Full results at http://www.hyc.net.au/_results/LRSailsHumpybash2012/series.htm
Just trying to remember what   happened on Saturday of the Humpybash at Humpybong Yacht Club……been a   long weekend with lumpy, physically demanding weather on  Saturday and near no wind on Sunday.
Again the A-Class dominated the   fleet numbers with 12 entries out of 42 but as usual we don’t hope to compete   on VYC with F18, F16 or even Nacra 5.8’s these days – one of the reasons we   have a travellers series so we can concentrate on our class !
Race 1 – Saturday PM 10-14Knts
SE breeze about 10-14knts but with   some left over chop on an outgoing tide caused some to cock up tacks and   grapple with ‘gear changes’ through the jellys and chop. Unfortunately Dave   Merrett found out the hard way when another DNA failed to complete its tack   and he tested the admidship strength of his new DNA – always going to come   off second best with the sharp bow of another DNA. This followed Landys near   capsize (i say near as the birthday boy didn’t actually stick the mast in so   avoided the ‘hex’ Bradbury put on him for the day) and back to the beach to   gaffer tape up his tiller extension! Luke went on to finish miles in front in   his favourite conditions on his new steed.
Race 2 – After race 1 Saturday   PM  10-12Knts
Landy got his ‘old’ Geltek wound up   and won easily once he cleared his air and even started trapping downwind,   relying on his new winglets for lift it seems.
Race 3 – After Race 2 Saturday PM   8-10Knts
Similar conditions to race 2 but   wind strength starting to die and the ‘crossover’ between wild or flat   downwind was difficult to judge. The jellyfish started to take its toll on a   few rudders as well unfortunately.
Landy continued to show great speed   upwind  and whilst Peter & Andrew   chased hard downwind, he took the gun again.
Race 4 – Sunday AM 3-6Knts
Dave patched up his damage with a   well placed LR sticker, Luke straightened out his rudder arms, Leon repaced   his sail and Landy added a few more rolls of gaffer to his tiller.
After three attempted starts we   eventually got away in a very light easterly with a strong outgoing tide   (most of the problem for premature starters) but unfortunately the wind   strength kept dying and didn’t permit any further racing for the day.
The bay was certainly alive with   large offshore racing boats to the east and a round of the national water ski   championships to the west, along with their helicopters and chase boats.
Congratualtions to Mathew Johnson,   Alan Crawford and Peter Bradbury for a well organised event. The same story   as the All Boats regatta – we cannot control the weather unfortunately.
 Thanks to sponsors LR Sails, especially when   the whole weekend colminated  with   Russ’s famous lucky hat draw. I have to mention a special new ‘life ring’   trophy was awarded for best hole inflicted on fellow competitor for each day   – Russ won on Saturday and Dave Sunday !!!
I have attached the results (with a   link to clubs web site for all competitors) and congratulations to Landy, Lou   & Peter on a really consistent series in these ‘lumpy’ conditions. Next   event is the HBSC Queens Birthday regatta and I will send out the NOR as soon   as I can.
Best Regards
Andrew Chaney
A-Class QLD
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