Round 4 – SE QLD Travellers Series

The forth regatta in our Travellers series saw many competitors cross into cockroach country to compete on the Clarence river at Grafton. The schedule had a twilight ‘practice’ race on Friday night with serious racing on Saturday and Sunday.

Unfortunately a significant weather system influenced the normally reliable  North Easters that prevail this time of year. Whilst most of the rain fell to the west and south, the river was up slightly and combined with a big tide (over 2m at the coast) there was plenty of tide to push heading up the river.

On Friday evening Landy led Lou, Julian and myself around the river in a reasonable 7-9Knts and light rainfall – a good tune up. Up to the pub for country steak where choice was rare or dead – Julian still working out how you describe a ‘blue’ steak in Grafton!

Saturday’s forecast was for some breeze out of north west or north east. We got on the water around 1.00pm and started in a weak southerly – where did that come from? A long course was set upwind against the tide for a challenging upwind but a quick slide downhill. We felt the wind was swinging to the north so re-set the coarse but to no avail. Only one race today but the location is great and the extended Landenberger family looked after us with a great BBQ and sweets for the night – thanks Martina, Chris, Andy, Don and Jan. Thanks also to Paul Dougherty for helping out as starter.

With all of us ready for some action on Sunday the sun was out and the conditions heating up quickly we all expected the NE to fill in nicely. Again we ended up with a light, hot westerly which is not easy to set a coarse for. We managed to complete three racers however and occasional bursts on the trap were followed by watching the locals sail around us in their own private breeze – I am sure I heard some locals request next Aussie titles to be sailed at Grafton!

As you can see by the results despite all this the cream risers to the top with Landy scoring a perfect series, Brad coming home second and Dave is proving to be a flyer in the light airs.   Haven’t finalised the next regatta in FEB/MAR next year but hope to see you all at the nationals in Wangi and back on local waters in 2012.

Clarence River Yacht Club A-Cat Regatta  26/27th NOV 2011 – 10 Entries
After 1 Drop
Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Total Place
AUS 308 Andrew Landenberger 1 1 1 1 3 1
AUS 10 Brad Collett 3 3 7 2 8 2
AUS 857 Dave Merrett 2 4 4 5 10 3
AUS 30 Frek Cahill 8 2 6 3 11 4
AUS919 Lou Zylstra 5 5 3 8 13 5
AUS 754 Bob Eggins 7 6 2 6 14 6
AUS952 Andrew Chaney 4 7 5 7 16 7
AUS 941 Julian Jenkins 10 8 9 4 21 8
AUS 9 John Dowling 6 10 8 9 23 9
AUS 956 Vic Collett 9 9 10 10 28 10

Best Regards Andrew Chaney

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