Sponsors John Cootes Furniture Australian A Class National Championships

We are pleased to announce that we have been successful in obtaining a number of generous sponsors for the Australian Championships.
Our naming sponsor is John Cootes Furniture. John sails on Lake Macquarie. Whilst watching the Belmont Worlds in 2009, he decided he wanted to sail one, and bought one of the new boats at the end of the regatta. He liked sailing the boat so much, he bought another one, purchasing Landy’s DNA. John has a variable an interesting career. He started off as a Catholic priest, whilst concurrently 1st grade and International Rugby League, later becoming a TV sports presenter, later establishing a furniture retail business with stores in Sydney, and on the Central Coast. He is very generous in spirit, and with his time. When I asked him if he was interested in sponsoring the regatta, he asked “how much” I mentioned a figure. His reply “double it” On weekends when he not skimming across the water on his A , he is under it indulging in his other passion: scuba diving
Our other major sponsor which has just recently come on board if Zhik. Zhik is a well known maker of sailing apparel including wet weather gear, trapeze harnesses, lifejackets, shirts, tee shirts, and other clothing. I can personally vouch for the gear. I use their life jacket and trapeze harness. The gear is thoroughly designed , innovative ,and well manufactured. The life jacket is comfortable, compact, and unobtrusive. The Trapeze harness is a gem. It is comfortable, supportive, and most importantly has a quick release of the hook plate if you find oneself tangled with ropes under the boat.
Zhik were very keen to become a major sponsor. Our thanks to Pat Langley of Zhik, and for Grant Pellow for their organisation.
Once again our sailmakers , Glen Ashby, Steve Brewin, and Andrew Landenberger will be sponsoring our post race BBQ’s. Advanced Racing Catamarans, the Dutch maker of the DNA will also be sponsoring a BBQ.
Scott Anderson’s Fibrefoam will be donating a set of battens as a prize

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