SE QLD Travellers Series Regatta 2

Ten boats travelled to Tin Can Bay YC last weekend to compete in their spring ‘Intercity’ regatta. Many of us had not competed at Tin Can Bay before and it certainly had its challenges. Sailing in the lee of Fraser Island means that the NE winds, strong tides and sandbanks all play there part in the mix of conditions. The A-Class was again the dominant class with about 33% of the total fleet.

Race 1 started in a typical 10-15Knt NW wind and took us up the ‘straight’ with about 2-3Knts of adverse tide. Newcomer to the class Leon McNeil sailed really well and judged the tide perfectly to round the last mark and sail away from Andrew Chaney in second and Dr Paul continuing his good form to finish 3rd.

Race 2 commenced soon after but by now the northerly was up to strength and was gusting to about 25Knts (some claim more) and against the tide meant some large chop to deal with. Unfortunately Doug Chetwynd on ‘Kiss’ who was virtually leading at the first mark, tripped over and subsequently broke his mast on the shallow bottom. Andrew Chaney was in the lead but many would say that he mixes his sailing with a bit of swimming and allowed Peter Bradbury to master the heavy conditions and win race 2, even after some confusion with the course. Lou Zylstra had a long session with the rounding mark and others retired or came home with broken battens, bent forestay fittings and various injuries.

Race 3 started Sunday morning after an hours delay waiting for the wind. Glorious day after a ripper of a storm passed over the club the night before – we used Dave Carswell’s mast as a lightning conductor just in case! Wind was 5-10 Knts and tested the light air settings. Unfortunately someone led the entire fleet around the wrong mark but as all did basically the same course the results were counted.

Race 4 – Same course as previous race but as the offender (yes Chaney again – I normally just have to follow Brad!) in race 3 had checked with the committee on which was the correct mark, he led only a few around the coarse correctly to finish first with Paul second and Peter third. Again the club finished all anyway so most were happy.

Overall results went to Andrew 1st, Peter 2nd and Leon a creditable 3rd in his first full regatta. Double points were on offer for this regatta and the attached results show its close with the Cat Challenge up next month.

Whilst there was some confusion with courses as the club had to accommodate two different fleets, I am sure we all agree it’s a beautiful place to sail and visit and certainly challenged most of us with strong tides and ‘sandy’ corners.

See you at the lake 5/6th November.

Best regards

Andrew Chaney

QLD A-Class Rep

Tin Can Bay YC Spring Intercity Regatta 15/16th Oct 2011 – 10 Entries Double
Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Total Place Points
AUS952 Andrew Chaney 2 2 2 1 7 1 20
AUS 934 Peter Bradbury 5 1 3 3 12 2 18
AUS 971 Leon Mc Neill 1 5 1 6 13 3 16
AUS 954 Paul Neeskens 3 4 5 2 14 4 14
AUS919 Lou Zylstra 4 6 4 4 18 5 12
AUS 824 Ken Symonds 6 3 6 5 20 6 10
AUS 837 Claire Neeskens 8 11 8 7 34 7 8
AUS 922 Dave Carswell 7 11 9 8 35 8 6
AUS 932 Pat Drover 11 11 7 9 38 9 4
AUS 930 Doug Chetwynd 9 11 11 11 42 10 2
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