The Winner’s Perspective – Steve Brewin on the Worlds

Of course I enjoyed the worlds, I have read the other guys thoughts and agree with a lot of them, but not all, but then we are all entiled to an opinion.

The only advice I can give anyone is from what I have learned about this worlds for me is that HEALTH IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING and I would encourage anyone that goes to an overseas event to prepare before going as getting medication in other countries can be very difficult, if it wasn’t for my lady, Melissa, and a friend that I had that lived in Arrhus getting remedies to get me through the regatta I wouldn’t finished this regatta. I learnt that being sick before the event stops you preparing your boat and making any setting changes within the boat, to achieve the closest thing to what you run normally.

After race 6 I was still trying to get my rig sorted and the change that I made was taking my diamonds to a zero setting with its spreader rake, this was to do with my mast being a lot softer than the mast that I have been using lately resulting in the lower leech opening too early. Once I got this setting my boat was a totally different all of a sudden I had power and my twist profile had moved up to where it should have been.

I guess there is a lot to be said for taking gear that you know to an event, but given the time to practice you can normally find the best out of your equipment. From now on I will be taking antibiotics and cold and flu remedies with me to overseas events and that is my advice to all other competitors.

The way I treated the regatta was to survive in the early stages, as my disscisions were not snappy and were very indecisive. This was all to do with not getting on the water before the event and also being sick in the first half of the regatta was making me very hesitant, each day I would tell myself yes I am still alive and I can still win even though I knew that I would have to do something special towards the end of the regatta. I said to Melissa that maybe god is testing me and making it that bit harder for me seeing that Glenn wasn’t there, but I thank god that I got better at the end.

Congratulations to Scotty and Jack for a great regatta. And all others

Cheers Stevie

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