Landy’s Perspective on the Worlds

For a while it was anyone’s race. The breeze was so unstable and changing direction so much it was really just a matter of nailing the first work. This was basically a gamble as there was no consistent side of the course. I think is every race there was at least one major wind change taking place which through the fleet into turmoil.

As and overview, it was interesting to see the performances of the boats. The Nikita still shows it is one of the best boats ever built. There were extremely fast upwind and still were very good downwind. As the breeze increased the DNA showed its potential and on the last day in strong breeze it was all DNA’s at the front.

The Scheurer was always there. Not always the fastest up wind but I think it would be fair to say that Brad and I were basically the fastest boats down wind. We had an edge there and sometimes it was quite extreme. We were in the trapeze most of the time, even in fairly light breeze. The margins we made downhill were huge. We both struggled upwind a little but I think we will soon rectify that problem. There is a lot going on with rigs at the moment. New masts and new sails, but nothing that was really mind blowing. The extreme toys like the Mayfly were not able to impress anyone, so it seems the class is still safe from flying boats.

I used my winged rudders and it was possible for me to foil properly for extended distances but I will be de tuning my boards so that I can keep the boat in the water and sail properly upwind without the constant risk of random foiling. On the last day of racing i actually had to sail the boat high and slow to avoid take off. That made it impossible to be in the front so I just had to get around to course without an accident. I will fix that before the Nationals.


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