2011 World A Class Championships Aarhus Denmark

After four days and seven races, the result will not be known until the final day of racing tomorrow (19/08/11).

Scott Anderson has lead the scoreboard at the end of each day of racing.

After seven races, Scott leads with 14 points, whilst Steven Brewin is 5 points behind on 19 points. The championship is most likely to go either to Scott or Steve . Third place is wide open. Currently Ben Moon, an expariate Australian who is sailing under the USA banner curently occupies the position with 42 points, but breathing down his neck are Andrew Landenberger, Jack Bensen, and Brad Collett on 44points, and Steve Brayshaw just astern on 48 points.

Counting Ben Moon, Australians occupy the top 7 spots going into the final day.

Scott has shown great consistency, Steve has been less so. Both started strongly on day 1, with Scott leading and Stevie in a comfortable second overall position. Steve had a less successful second day and slipped down the overall places. Following excellent performance on the third day, he was restorded to second overall, a position he strengthened with a fine win in the only race held today (Thursday).

With just 4 points separating the two at the end of the penultimate day, it will make for very interesting final days racing. Two races are scheduled for the last day. The forecast is for fresh winds, but looking out my hotel window in Aarhus this morning I see no wind, but plenty of rain. Maybe the championship is already decided.

I will write a full report of this regatta in the next 24 hours, somewhere between Copenhagen and Dubai. I have just had too much on this week.

More reporting at the A class Worlds Website.

Full Results Here.

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