2011 Aarhus Worlds Concluded

Steve Brewin is the 2011 World A Class Catamaran Champion. The series went down to the proverbial trapese wire, in the first downhill leg of the final race.

After the eigth race, Scott Andersen held a one point advantage over Steve Brewin. The racing for the final ninth race was postponed by 25 knot winds that continued after arriving mid way thorough race eight. Most competitors thought that was it for the days racing, but after about two hours, the winds abated, and the postponement  flag was lowered.

Scott Anderson led Steve Brewin around the first windward mark, but Brewin overtook Anderson down the first downwind leg, and rounded the gate marks with a comfortable lead. Anderson was unable to catch Brewin upwind, and the champonship was slipping away. The winds were still very gusty, and Anderson now under pressure,was forced to  push his boat very hard. Unfortunately this involved an element of risk taking, and in this case, a capsise resulted.

This was a very harsh ending for Scott, who had sailed an otherwise magnificient series, having lead the series from day one. Such are the uncertainies of sport.

Scott finished second overall . Jack Bensen finished overall third, finishing the series in emphatic style, winning the final race.

Southern hemisphere sailors finished with 8 of the top 10 places.

A full report of the series later.

More reporting at the A class Worlds Website.

Full Results Here.

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