Kiel Week Update from Landy

Here are some more details on Kiel Week from Landy:

“Basically it was cold and windy. Jack sailed really well.

“Dodging square riggers and sailing head on into big powerboat ways was the name of the game, but it was pretty good fun and close racing between the top three. usually there was only a few lengths in the racing between us.

“In some ways I was  bit unlucky as one race was abandoned because some of the fleet went around the wrong mark. Many boats went around the correct mark and I was leading so I don’t really see why they should have abandoned the race. With this Race the overall result would have changed. Anyway that is life.

“I have since changed my luff curve since Kiel to better match the new mast. I am a lot faster now so I am planning on getting even with Jack in Denmark ;-)  I pick up my new Scheurer today. looking forward to that. It should be interesting.”

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