Victorian States Day 2

Mixed weather at the Victorian States has only allowed one race after two scheduled days of racing.

The only race of the series so far was won by Glen Ashby, from Dean Barker in a light northeasterly. The race started in 5 knots and dropped over the course of the race, tailing off to nothing soon after the end of the race.

Clear advantage was taken by the boats staying close to the shore, finding a little more wind and reducing the two knot downwind current.

A number of the top boats were carrying GPS trackers and the recordings of their positions will soon be posted at

Racing was then postponed in the hope that the forecast SW front would produce good conditions. Unfortunately, this front came through with winds in the 25-30knot range and deceased too slowly to allow racing to occur today.

Tomorrows racing has been moved forward to 9am in the hope of getting the three more races required to complete a series on the last day.

Full results at

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